In a perfect world the musically gifted Ramakrishna would have grown up to become a concert pianist. However, his complicated, emotionally incestuous relationship with his mother, and a largely absentee father set the stage for a life that played out quite differently. He quit playing the piano his freshman year in college and instead became the ultimate gay party boy. For seventeen years he was consumed by a life fueled by copious amounts of drugs and sex.

When he finally hit bottom in San Francisco in 1977, he was nearly destroyed. His guilt over having felt he was the cause of a car crash which broke his father’s neck, and his untreated condition of scoliosis, compounded by years of illicit drug use (including countless hits of hallucinogens) left him a virtual cripple emotionally, physically and psychically. Then, at age forty one he met Babaji Shambhavananda and became a student. His nightmare slowly dissolved, transformed by spiritual growth.

Ramakrishna’s book, delivered candidly and with self-deprecating humor, is a story of healing and of how he has come to terms with his demons. It is a compelling tale of the power of the human spirit and of the quest for spiritual Truth, which he discovered through yoga and meditation.